Please join the PRBA in collecting donations for our:

Coronavirus Fundraiser

The PRBA recognizes that during the COVID-19 Pandemic stay at home order, many families are struggling with basic day to day necessities, especially food.  In an effort to ease their struggles, the PRBA is organizing a fundraiser to support Metropolitan Family Services and Rincon Family Services.

Each of these agencies are providing some if not all of the following services to underprivileged communities:

  • food
  • diapers
  • toys
  • activity packs
  • hand sanitizer
  • gloves
  • masks
  • cleaning supplies
  • cash cards and gift cards

These items are being given directly to first-responders, police and fire workers, families, small businesses and essential workers.

The PRBA is committed to supporting our communities.  Any amount of money you can donate is greatly appreciated.  Together we can get through this and help our neighbors.

Please make donations through our paypal link below. Thank you!